Privacy Storms
AC33 (María Esteban Casañas, Vivek HV, Julian Siegelmann)

Opening: August 16, 2019. 7:49 p.m.

Privacy Storms is an installation which captures the people that pass by the gallery screen. Each new passerby will be able to recognise themselves in the screen and their own image will be superimposed on previously recorded passersby. Privacy Storms explores “contaminating realities,” between the physical world and the virtual world.

Maria Esteban Casa ñas was awarded the Rome Prize in Architecture (2017-18) from the Spanish Academy in Rome. She is currently a Master of Science in Architecture Studies student at MIT where she works at the intersection of art, architecture and technology. She received her Master’s degree in Architecture from the Bartlett School of Architecture, UCL with Distinction, and received her Master of Arts in Architecture from the University of Edinburgh, obtaining a First-Class Honours. She went on exchange to the Southern California Institute of Architecture (SCI-Arc), where she entered an Emerging Systems, Technologies & Media studio. María has worked in the firms of Grimshaw Architects (London, 2015-16) and Dominique Perrault Architecture (Paris, 2012); and has lectured at various institutions including Korea University, The University of Plymouth and The Architectural Association Visiting School (AAVS) Madrid.

Vivek HV is a recent Design Engineering graduate from Harvard University's GSD and SEAS. Despite what his education and industry experience - in aerospace engineering, product development, and computer science - might suggest, Vivek is an artist at heart. In his work, Vivek likes to create and test the intersection of art and technology. His work, therefore, ranges from traditional fine arts to animation and data visualization to machine learning and AI. Within AC33, Vivek works on conceptual and artistic development while overseeing all elements concerning technology and implementation. Outside AC33, Vivek is currently working on Naya Studio, a platform to co-create a new generation of designed furniture. Vivek also loves cats, soccer, and waffles.

Julian Siegelmann is a recent Design Engineering graduate from Harvard’s GSD and SEAS . As both performing artist and community organizer, Julian started the Digital Art Collective at the GSD, to bring together a collective of architects, artists, curators and educators all interested in the intersection of art and technology. Within AC33, Julian likes to think about the human and visceral elements of their work. Julian is currently working on artnext, an alternative ownership model for art that targets demographics currently not addressed by the art market and provides artists and galleries with sustainable revenue – so that more people can live with art, and artists and galleries can do more of what they love.