“Curiouser and curiouser,” exclaims Alice, as she arrives in Lewis Carroll’s surreal world of the nonsensical, the absurd, and the beautiful. This year, in 2020, from September-November, The Night Gallery will screen three works in three locations in Chicago’s South and West sides: North Lawndale, Hyde Park, and Bridgeport. We are seeking film, video, animation and other works to be exhibited on the topic of Wonderland. Wonderland seeks works which re-imagine existing cultural, sociological, or personal environments through the lens of wonder—foregrounding the mystical, the weird, and the divine. Projects may, for example, reframe systemically racist narratives of “urban blight” in favor of the complex ecologies of city dreams. In a world where oppressive systems seek to produce a single hegemonic reality which foreclose on alternate futures, Wonderland features works by architects, designers, filmmakers, and other creatives which use cinematic techniques to elude monolithic understandings of the world we live in.

The Night Gallery will present the 2020 exhibitions in partnership with Principle Barbers (North Lawndale) and The Silver Room (Hyde Park), two businesses which also serve as creative event spaces by night. By expanding The Night Gallery beyond Bridgeport, we hope to build on a network of city-wide BIPOC-owned businesses that support community programming. 

Funded in part by the Graham Foundation.


September 11, 2020
Roland Knowlden
Location: The Silver Room (Hyde Park) 

October 10, 2020 
Black Independence Day All Day
Ciera Alyse McKissick
Spinning Home Movies: eryday. new mercy(s) pt. 2 

avery r. young
in collaboration with South Side Home Movie Project
Location: Principle Barbers (North Lawndale)

October 23, 2020 
Let Me Tell You About My House
office ca (Galo Canizares + Stephanie Sang Delgado)
Location: The Night Gallery (Bridgeport)

November 20, 2020 
Michael Yoshimura
Location: The Night Gallery (Bridgeport)