Night Owls: A Conversation with Julius-Cezar MacQuarie & Cyrus Peñarroyo

November 5, 2021: Opening screening and discussion (Columbus & Zoom)
6:30 PM – 8:00 PM EDT
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323 Brown St., Columbus, IN
Online via Zoom

This event featured a conversation between filmmaker-anthropologist Julius-Cezar MacQuarie and designer-educator Cyrus Peñarroyo. MacQuarie and Peñarroyo discussed "Nightshift Spitalfields" and "Manifest Destiny," two short films being screened at Midnight Palace through November 2021. Their conversation explored their research into night shift workers in London and the U.S., from the physical, emotional, and mental toll of those working "graveyard shift" to the states of (dis)appearance, (in)visibility, and aspiration of the Filipinx diaspora working in hospitals in LA. This conversation was moderated by Ann Lui, principal at Future Firm.

This conversation was hosted both online on Zoom and in-person at Midnight Palace, 323 Brown St., Columbus, IN.

In 2021, The Night Gallery presents Night Owls, an exhibition in Columbus, Indiana, as part of the Midnight Palace installation at Exhibit Columbus: New Middles.

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Dr. Julius-Cezar MacQuarie is a filmmaker and anthropologist trained at Central European University. He is concerned with the invisibility of migrant nightshift workers from discussions on today's capitalism. He founded the Nightworkshop to research night work in global and smaller cities. He produced three short films (Invisible Lives: Romanian Night Shift Workers in London, UK, 2013) | Nocturnal Lives: Day Sleepers, UK, 2015 | Nightshift Spitalfields, UK, 2020) and a podcast (NightWorkPod, CEU Podcasts, Budapest, 2018).

Nightworkshop is a project set up to research migrant night workers in cities. It uses mixed methods to capture and make visible the hidden lives of night workers. The short films, photo collections and podcasts zoom into aspects specific to lives spent in physical labour at night. By building a bridge between the researcher, the protagonists and the audience, the exhaustion, embodied precarity and the hidden nature of night work appear in the spotlight.
Cyrus Peñarroyo is a Filipino-American designer and educator whose work examines architecture’s entanglement with contemporary media and digital culture. More specifically, his research investigates the urbanity of the Internet – how networked technologies shape urbanization and how media spheres influence built environments. He is an Assistant Professor at University of Michigan Taubman College of Architecture + Urban Planning, where he was the 2015‑16 William Muschenheim Fellow.