Unexpected Futures, a feature-length film series, explores the future cities, hotel rooms, and ecologies in which dark outcomes have come to take place. In Hong Kong, LA, and an unidentified “Zone,” characters navigate scenarios which index both anxieties and desires of the eras in which these films were made. 

July 13
Blade Runner (1982)  RSVP
Ridley Scott

August 3
2046 (2004)  RSVP
Wong Kar-Wai

August 24
Chappie (2015)  RSVP
Neill Blomkamp 

September 21
In Your City By The Lake  RSVP
Special Event at the MCA Chicago
In collaboration with Borderless & MAS Context


In 2017, The Night Gallery served as an exhibition space for architectural projections, defined as both a medium and mode of speculation. Over the course of five months, we featured original video and film works by architects and artists on a range of themes. Each work was exhibited from sunset to sunrise, nightly, for four weeks. 

May 19 - June 15
Carl Lostritto, When The Drawing is Moving

June 16 - July 20
Outpost Office, Another Campo Marzio

July 21 - August 17
Lee Cody, An Algorithm for Living In

August 18 - September 15
Jenny Rodenhouse, The Enchanted Forest: Satellite Canopies and Digital Understories

September 16 - October 19
BairBalliet, (Another) Rear Window