When The Drawing Is Moving
Carl Lostritto

Opening: May 19, 2017. 8:08 pm.

Behind this 9”x11” drawing are 2000 frames of moving points. This exhibit sets those points free as a set of algorithms constantly work, frame by frame, to give new and animate linear order to their position.

Carl Lostritto lives and works in Providence, RI. He is Assistant Professor of Architecture at Rhode Island School of Design, where he teaches at all levels of the curriculum with respect to computation and drawing. In practice, he has written hundreds of programs and scripts that control vintage pen plotters. He exhibits, indexes, catalogs and writes about the resulting drawings with the goal of generating architecture and addressing architectural questions such as: What are the aesthetic implications of a geometric algorithm that gives mass to line? What is the difference between turning a corner and being in a corner? What is the simplest algorithm that produces the most complex spatial condition? How many types of ambiguity are there? And, why do architects draw? Before joining the RISD faculty, Lostritto taught architecture and design at The Boston Architectural College, The Catholic University of America, The University of Maryland and MIT.